About Us

1994 - 2000: The Beginning
2001 - 2015: Real World Experience
2015 - 2018: Served As the Implementation Architect for Over 150 Salesforce Implementation or Integration Projects
August 2018 - Coalesce Solutions Is Launched
October 2018 - Our DC Office Opens
January 2019 - Our Raleigh Office Opens
Right Now - Driving Client Success

How did we get here?

Our journey begins 25 plus years ago at my parent’s manufacturing company. While in the middle of my high school years, I was offered a new way to contribute to the “family business” – help them modernize the business’s operations by finding and implementing an ERP system. This was my very first IT project, and with no guidance other than that of the vendor that sold us the software, I dove in – way over my head. Round one was an absolute disaster.

Two years later, round two went a little bit better compared to our first attempt, but it was still far from ideal. From a functionality standpoint, we had made great strides, but from the perspective of the end users, it might have been worse. I had lost their buy-in midway through round one.

Round three happened midway through my college career, and this time, I had several new advantages. My first advantage – experience, I now had several years of hard learned lessons. My second advantage – wise council, professors and other business leaders took the time to provide a roadmap for success that included more than just technical know how. They provided skills for project management and more importantly insight into how important change management is to implementing any new process or platform with a group of users. Round three was a success that paid dividends for years after. It was my greatest contribution to the “family business”.

Over the course of the next 20 years, I had the chance to apply what I had learned with various multi-national corporations, nonprofits, and government agencies, while continuing to work with and learn from a multitude of brilliant people.

In the summer of 2018, after helping a few of my favorite associates build and sell a successful Salesforce consulting firm, I knew that I wanted to continue what we had started, but I also wanted to expand the service offering. The goal – I wanted to help organizations streamline their business technology needs from planning and procurement through implementation and service life. I wanted to COALESCE the ability to meet those needs with a single call, and provide organizations a true partner not just another vendor.

And now, here we are – a team of passionate professionals dedicated to helping our clients succeed. We would love nothing more than to merge your success story with ours.

Jimmy Holt


Who are we?

Jimmy Holt – Founder & CEO

Jimmy brings over 20 years of experience in Information Technology. That experience has come in a wide array of situations and climates, as well as, across a range of industries and in all aspects of business process solutions and management. He has led, designed, or consulted on over 150 IT implementations, ranging in scope from traditional business process automation, to building safety critical inspection systems for use in the nuclear power industry, to launching online communities supporting user bases in the tens of thousands. He is a specialist in the design, planning, and management of complex technical ecosystems, and excels at coalescing, balancing, and communicating the needs of an entire team. He has extensive experience with Salesforce, Oracle, Progress, MS SQL, MySQL, SharePoint, Postgres, Azure, AWS, and other database architectures as well ETL experience with ODI, Data Factory, Pentaho, MuleSoft, and others. He has worked extensively with integrating or migrating legacy systems such as ERPs with or to cloud based platforms. He holds multiple certifications with Salesforce and is also a registered Microsoft Partner.


What makes us different?


Our goal is to treat your business like our own, to further our mutual success, and build long term partnerships.


Trust – It is the foundation of our relationship.
Stewardship – We should always treat your time and resources with respect, as if they are our own.
Wisdom – We want all of our knowledge to be applied correctly and in your best interest.


We will strive daily to fulfill this mission and uphold these values. We will work not only to hear and see your immediate needs and aspirations, but we will seek to listen and watch for those on the horizon.

Jimmy Holt